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Ncentiva Enterprise Solution

Does your business have 10 or more devices that you need to replace? Then the Ncentiva best in class enterprise solution is the perfect platform for you and will maximise the devices trade in value. To receive a quote and find out more about our enterprise solution please click on the link below.

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Ncentiva Trade-in Platform

Looking for an additional revenue stream? Ncentiva Trade-In allows you to offer your customers the ability to trade in cell phones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, and home speakers in exchange for digital gift cards, loyalty points or charitable contributions with your company earning referral commission on each trade-in.

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Digital Gift Cards and Consumer Electronics

Leverage our real-time API solution to deliver hundreds of gift card brands to your program participants. We also have a wide range of consumer electronics through our direct-brand relationships with Google, Amazon and more. From employee rewards, consumer promotions, loyalty programs, incentive solutions and cash-out alternatives, Ncentiva is here to help.

Payout alternatives

Forget cash, it’s too expensive! Offer digital gift cards or consumer electronics and lower your payout cost for rewards, winnings, refunds and prizes.

Employee programs

Hiring sign-on bonuses, retention, engagement, incentive and reward programs; Ncentiva can help motivate your team to new heights.

Consumer initiatives

Customer acquisition, driving incremental spend and promotions are just a few ways to harness the power of Ncentiva.

Loyalty solutions

Let Ncentiva offer options for loyalty members to burn their points; also great for member gifts and tier-level benefits.

Technology and Logistics

Ncentiva is not only digital gift cards and consumer electronics that delight your consumers, employees and program participants. Our custom-built technology and logistics services sets you up for success.

API Solutions

With real-time supply of gift cards, you can digitally delivery instantly to one or thousands of recipients at once via email.

Ncentiva Platform

If an API is not yet your speed, then the Ncentiva Platform gives you access to order digital gift cards as needed, review past orders and so much more.

Shipping logistics

If Ncentiva consumer electronics offerings are your interest, we can drop-ship to anywhere in the world. No program is too large, our on-site warehouse team can make it happen!

Trade-in logistics

We’ve partnered with the very best in consumer electronics trade-in logistics, Phobio, allowing Ncentiva to provide a hassle-free, end-to-end solution, inclusive of our digital gift card payouts, loyalty points or contributions to charity organizations.

Gift Card Brand Partners

Ncentiva offers gift card brand partners a variety of ways to increase distribution of your gift card brand throughout Ncentiva programs. Contact us to discuss enhanced visibility, promotional opportunities and more.


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